You think the public was scammed in the HISD school renaming mission?

It turns out even some elected HISD Board members were kept in the dark about the plans to rename HISD Schools, including Lanier Middle School.

On January 8, 2016, HISD Board Trustee Anna Eastman complained the item was only placed on the agenda “at the last minute.” “I am very disappointed at the lack of communication, to say the least.”

Apparently that last minute game was no accident, and the culprit is HISD Board Member Rhonda Skillern-Jones. In a January 11, 2016 e-mail she had a good chuckle at your expense. “LOL. I had to keep this under my hat and be strategic about it. Wouldn’t have made it to the agenda any other way.”

“Now that explains why HISD couldn’t possibly have done their homework on the cost of Ms. Jones master plan,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Busted.”

It is the latest evidence that HISD is simply lying when they claim the potential cost of renaming schools was well documented, even though they falsely told taxpayers there was no cost.

We already know just two days before the vote Huewitt didn’t even tell a board member exactly where the money to pay for this multi-million-dollar revenge plan would come from.  That is kind of important, don’t you think, when HISD is $107 million dollars in the red?

Where is the beef, Superintendent Huewitt?

Let’s see the proof you knew what this would cost before you HISD casts a vote the community doesn’t want.

Parents are speaking out all across the city. HISD broke its own regulations, and should be forced to go back to the drawing board. Lanier Watchdogs say the cost at their school alone to erase the memory of the poet who has graced the school building for 90 years is $500,000 dollars.

You have to love e-mails because it also exposes Rhonda Skillern-Jones plans.

An e-mail to Skillern-Jones recommends a “concerted effort to destabilize or dismantle” the system in place under the last two school superintendents that supposedly harms at-risk communities (black and brown communities).”

Skillern-Jones response “I don’t see anything in your e-mail that I disagree with? Jones goes on to identify her plans to rename “Confederate” Schools.

Taxpayers will spend millions to help Ms. Jones carry out her plans.

Ask yourself, how exactly does spending millions of dollars on this help at-risk kids? That money could buy computers, library books, technology and lots of other stuff.

Apparently that is not what this is really all about, is it?

Lanier Watchdogs call on the community to call HISD Board Members to say NO.

The phone number at HISD Board Services is 713-556-6121.

HISD EMAIL 1.11.16