The HISD School Board has been formally warned. Go ahead with Thursdays’ improper vote to change the name of 8 schools and get ready for a court fight.

In February, The HISD Board falsely claimed the renaming would cost nothing on the state required agenda.

“The reality is that renaming HISD schools will cost millions of taxpayer dollars”, says Houston Attorney Dan Goforth, “deceiving the public doesn’t protect our community, it harms our community.”

HISD e-mails have already exposed the plot by HISD Board Member Rhonda Skillern-Jones to keep the renaming plans secret until the last minute, even from other HISD Board Members.

Lanier Middle School parents have demanded a formal apology from Houston School Board Jolanda Jones, who falsely claimed she had e-mails showing kids who wanted to change the name of the 90-year old school were being bullied.

“To add insult to injury, the school board portrayed to the public that its choice for the proposed replacement names reflected community consensus”, says Goforth in his demand letter.”

Goforth also slams HISD for “cherry picking” schools to rename, veering from the stated goals of erasing the names of Confederate War Heroes.

“I want to congratulate HISD. In just a few weeks they have created racial tensions were none existed, have ignored the wishes of neighborhoods across Houston, and have been totally exposed for the sham this renaming process it,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Great lesson for our kids, isn’t it? Keep secrets from the people who elected you, and then attack parents and children who defend their neighborhood schools.”

Lanier Watchdogs, fighting to save the name of their 90- year old school named for a famed Southern poet, will be joined by parents, alumni, and community leaders from other targeted schools across the city in a protect rally before the scheduled vote. The rally will be held at 4:00 pm at Houston School District Headquarters.

“Should the Board affirm its defective renaming resolution at the meeting on May 12 th, 2016, my clients will initiate formal legal proceedings to invalidate the Board’s resolution and seek all
available remedies under the law.”

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