The financial cost to rename Houston schools has just grown…by MILLIONS.

The Houston School Board has voted to spend $5 million dollars to get new uniforms and athletic equipment for schools where the name is being changed. That is $5 million more than is usually spent.

“That’s money that could be spent on books, computers, even bonuses to attract teachers to troubled schools,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Taxpayers should demand this vote be rescinded until a proper documentation of all costs are given to the people who are paying the bill.”

It is the latest proof that the Houston School Board simply lied to taxpayers about the financial costs of this so called Confederate purging.

Perhaps HISD trustees would have voted differently if they hadn’t rushed to change the name of some schools without actually doing their homework.

Sidney Lanier was a private in the Confederacy, an anti-war poet who owned no slaves. Neither did Postmaster John Reagan. Tributes to him are part of the Heights landscape.

“He was never a slave owner and renounced slavery and felt all men should be treated equally, just like the Reagan family still feels today”, says Brian Reagan.

This is no longer a fight about history. This is a fight about our tax money. When HISD voted their resolution said this had no cost. Now we know $5 million just for athletic uniforms and equipment, and that is before we touch the schools.

Tell the truth HISD. And spend this money to help today’s kids, not settle old grievances.