A new website will keep tracks on the growing battles across Texas to stop the invasion of towers of trash, courtesy of Green Group.

Exposegreengroup.com will detail the community battles against the Georgia Garbage company and their highly-connected lobbyists, and the growing backlash against Green Group nationwide.

The battles already rage in two Texas counties.

Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead have spent nearly $1 million dollars fighting plans for a Green Group garbage dump on Highway 6. The TCEQ has rejected one permit application, but Green Group simply won’t quit.

In Caldwell County, residents are battling a planned Green Group dump along Highway 130 near Lockhart. So far politicians there have opposed the landfill, and exposegreengroup.com will remind them of the political consequences of selling out.

The site will also detail, for the first time, audio recordings of Waller County Officials, interviewed during an investigation by the Texas Rangers. The local District Attorney has broken his public promises to continue the investigation, even though a jury slapped former public officials for violations of Texas transparency laws.

Exposegreengroup.com will also detail the history of the fight underway in Alabama against a coal cash facility run by Green Group. Residents there have paid the price for trying to stand up to the assault on their environment.

The site will detail the lobbyists being used by the company to influence Texas Public Officials and will update the fights through the TCEQ and State Office of Administrative Hearings.

Visit Exposegreengroup.com – because the public has a right to know!