HISD has ordered Chief Internal Auditor Richard Patton back to work after a nearly five- month suspension.

Wednesday morning, HISD released a short statement announcing Patton’s return.

“August 3, 2016—HISD Chief Audit Executive, Richard Patton has been directed to return to duty from reassignment to home duty. HISD has resolved the issues related to his temporary reassignment. Mr. Patton received written confirmation from HISD to return to his responsibilities as Chief Audit Executive, effective August 3, 2016.”

HISD owes Patton a public apology. They also owe Houston taxpayers a full explanation. Don’t hold your breath.

HISD hired an outside counsel to investigate Patton. You paid for the report, but HISD wants to keep it secret.

How come? Does it show that Patton’s sterling reputation was damaged by HISD Board Members who punished him for doing his job.

This afternoon, the law firm of Feldman and Feldman issued a strong response. Former Houston City Attorney David Feldman is Patton’s Attorney.

“HISD owes Richard Patton a public apology. The District ordered him back to work today after an almost five-month suspension, following an unnecessary investigation by outside counsel that obviously proved what we have said from the start – Mr. Patton was punished for doing his job protecting the taxpayers.

HISD now refuses to show the public the costly investigative report they paid for, or to meaningfully address the grievance filed by Mr. Patton, who has alleged his suspension was in retaliation for reporting violations of law to HISD police and the FBI.

We have been told that HISD has reduced Mr. Patton’s responsibilities, trying to further silence the man who is supposed to be your watchdog.”

The public should demand to know what will happen to all the investigations that were underway. It is totally unacceptable for any HISD Board Members to try and silence the watchdogs hired to protect tax payers money.

Parents are watching. So are we.

Dolcefino Consulting is the investigative communications firm run by long time investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino.