Clinton and Trump may be facing off Monday night in New York, but here at home the big political debate is the one between Kim Ogg and embattled Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.
“All of us have been witness to the consequences of bad judgement by this District Attorney”, says Ogg. “Cruelly jailing a rape victim, prosecuting cases when you know the evidence is lost, ignoring misconduct and untested rape kits.”

“I look forward to showing all Harris County residents Monday night my plans to make us safer, restore confidence in the criminal justice system and use tax money wisely to focus on the real criminals who threaten our families.”

The debate at the Windsor Village United Methodist Church Monday night will begin at 6:30 pm and last for one hour. The debate will be live-streamed on Facebook by the Ogg campaign, and Ogg will be available for media interviews at 7:40 pm, after the debate is over.

Debate moderate is Khambrel Marshall from Channel 2.

Windsor Village is located at 6011 West Orem. Media can use South lot for easy access.

Safety. Fairness. Equal Justice.

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