Why is Devon Anderson so afraid to debate Kim Ogg on Houston television?
Houstonians want to be kept safe. They want justice. They care about how their tax money is spent.

That’s why candidate Kim Ogg is challenging incumbent Devon Anderson to two televised debates.

Kim Ogg has ALREADY agreed to debate Devon Anderson in a face to face showdown sponsored by KPRC and the Houston Chronicle.

Anderson won’t do it. Why?

Kim Ogg has ALREADY agreed to debate Devon Anderson on the Houston Public Media Show “Red, White and Blue.” But last week, Anderson abruptly cancelled PBS’ “Red, White & Blue” show co-hosted by Democrat David Jones and Republican Gary Polland.

Ogg says the reason is Anderson’s poor performance in the first debate.

“Ms. Anderson became visibly angry when confronted with her failed public safety record, allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, and the shameful treatment of rape victims. This race is the most important local election in Harris County on the ballot in November,” says Ogg, “Voters deserve an honest debate because so much is at stake.”

Tell Devon Anderson it is time to stop hiding.

Equal Justice. Fairness. Safety.