A new Ogg campaign TV ad will feature the mother of a rape victim jailed by District Attorney Devon Anderson. The victim is anonymously identified as “Jenny” in her lawsuit against Harris County.

Jenny’s story gained national interest when Anderson declared that she stood behind her office policy that caused an innocent mentally-ill rape victim to be jailed. This practice was decried by experts all over the country. Anderson has defended the practice, causing the crime victim’s mother to speak out in a new ad campaign.

“I’d like to tell Devon Anderson,” says Jenny’s mom, “jail is for rapists and other violent criminals. It is no place for innocent victims like my daughter.”

“It has been a hallmark of my professional career, and my promise to the citizens of Harris County, to treat all crime victims with dignity and respect. In this upcoming election, voters will have the option to elect a District Attorney who believes that a conviction should never be at the expense of crime victims.”

“Devon Anderson’s judgement has made us less safe. Taxpayers will be paying for this bad judgement.”

Safety. Equal Justice. Fairness.