If you don’t want to see a 17-story tall tower of smelly, nasty garbage rising along a beautiful stretch of Highway 6 near Hempstead, now is your chance to say NO.

The Texas Commissioner on Environmental Quality will hold a public hearing Tuesday night on the proposed Pintail garbage dump. If you are wondering why this hearing is even happening, the answer is simple.

Apparently holding secret meetings with government officials, throwing away critical evidence, and getting the engineering wrong doesn’t mean much to the Texas Government bureaucrats paid to protect communities from bad landfills.

Green Group was accused of doing all of those things and more, and their first application for a garbage dump on Highway 6 was strongly rejected. That also doesn’t seem to matter in Texas.

Green Group got to submit another landfill application, even though both the City of Hempstead and Waller County have landfill ordinances in place that make it impossible to put the garbage dump there.

The Citizens Against the Landfill in Hempstead has spent more than 1 million dollars fighting the dump. The city of Hempstead has spent hundreds of thousands more. The TCEQ knows Green Group didn’t play by the rules.

So what message is Governor Abbott sending to the Citizens of Waller County?

Struggle to spend your life savings to fight an unwanted garbage dump that threatens the environment of a beautiful county. Expose political corruption. Secret meetings. Prove the landfill will damage the water supply.

Do all that and be told none of that mattered.

That is wrong. The TCEQ should have the guts to say to Green Group, sorry, but you’ve lost your chance. We are teaching the good people in Waller County that all that matters are having former TCEQ Officials on the payroll, have friends in high places. Follow the fight on exposegreengroup.com.

And give the TCEQ a piece of your mind. 7 pm. Hempstead High School, 801 Donoho Street