Christine Curtis drove all the way from Fountain Valley to bring her three youngest to the Children’s Dental Group clinic in Anaheim.

Before the traumatic visit was over, Curtis says dentists performed up to 11 baby root canals on all her children, all while they were strapped down with Velcro to a chair, sedated with a “chocolate drink.” Taxpayers got the bill for the expensive dental work.

Curtis now believes the work was totally unnecessary. She is one of a growing number of California patients turning to famed Texas dental abuse attorney Jim Moriarty for help in the wake of the infection scandal.

“The assembly line dentistry uncovered at Children’s Dental Group smacks of Medicaid fraud,” says Moriarty. “A full state and federal investigation is owed to U.S. taxpayers. I believe Children’s Dental is over treating these children to make a buck, using higher cost stainless steel crowns, and falsifying the need for baby root canals to increase the cost of taxpayers.”

Moriarty believes the widespread infections of Children’s Dental Group patients is a symptom of the widespread malfeasance of this corporate dentistry.

“I believe the infection outbreak in California could lead to proving Children’s Dental Group is systematically abusing children.”

Moriarty was a legal architect behind the groundbreaking lawsuit against the Small Smiles Dental chain, and now represents the family of 4-year old Neveah Hall, the little girl left severely brain damaged by a bad dentist.

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