Devon Anderson’s office jailed a fragile rape victim for 27 days. Now Ms. Anderson and her supporters are attacking the victim’s mom for trying to bring justice back to the District Attorney’s Office.

Enough is Enough.

“When I am District Attorney the prosecutors who lied to Jenny and her mom will be held accountable”, says Kim Ogg. “We don’t jail rape victims to make them talk. EVER.”

“Prosecutors who engaged in civil rights violations in this case, or others, have no place in the District Attorney’s Office.”

That is why is it sad that Devon Anderson’s Attorney Friend and Campaign Supporter Rusty Hardin has tried to change the subject, releasing selective e-mails in a thinly veiled assault on the victim’s mother.

“This is exactly why Devon Anderson should release all internal e-mails about this horror story TODAY”, says Ogg.” Anderson’s office has tried to keep the e-mails a secret. Why?”

E-mails now obtained from Jenny’s attorney reveal evidence the District Attorney’s Office lied to her mother. They promised Jenny would be supported every step of the way by a victim’s advocate. Attorney Sean Buckley says that never happened.

“Devon Anderson jails rape victims, hides destroyed evidence and jails people who may be innocent. Devon Anderson ignores civil rights violations and misconduct. When I am District Attorney the message will be clear. Justice will be served. This election is about judgement, and justice.”

Jailing a rape victim will make other sexual assault victims afraid to come forward.

That makes us less safe.

Safety. Equal Justice. Fairness. We don’t jail rape victims. Period.


Here are some of the e-mails Devon Anderson wants to keep secret. They were provided by Jenny’s Attorney Sean Buckley.

Dec 20 th , 2015

Jenny’s mom discovered she was put in jail, not a psychiatric facility as promised by prosecutors.

Let us quote her “This is really unacceptable for a victim of rape to be put her in jail”. That is EXACTLY what Jenny’s mom says in her television ad.

On Dec 23th …” she is being held as a prisoner… she is a caged animal ready to explode.”

On Dec 26 th Jenny’s mom discovers her mentally ill daughter is not only in jail, but in the general population with suspected violent criminals. Jenny’s mom is sick from cancer and pleading from afar.

“She has a black eye… this needs to be fixed ASAP’.”

Devon Anderson is on the e-mail chain but the address is wrong.

December 28 th , Jenny’s mom demands Devon Anderson’s e-mail after trying to call her.

“She is not a criminal. She has a black eye and is not stable on her meds… This all violates Jenny’s victim rights. If someone hurts Jenny in jail, your office will have
bigger issues.”