Go to the website of the Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith ( and you will see a proclamation that in Waller County, Second Amendment rights are protected.

They should be, but the Second Amendment doesn’t include the right to be “extremely careless” with your guns, especially when you are the Sheriff.

So, now I am going to bury the lead.

Remember Dolcefino Consulting told you last December that Sheriff Smith reported eight weapons assigned to him, including a machine gun, had been stolen from his marked truck, all while he was inside the Saltgrass Steakhouse on a Saturday.

Waller Counties top lawman didn’t call the cops in Harris County to warn them a machine gun was on the loose. Sheriff Smith didn’t walk a few feet back into the restaurant to warn patrons and county officials.

Instead, he drove all the way back to Hempstead to file the police report there in his own office.

The timing was suspicious. In the heat of the campaign, there had suddenly been allegations weapons in Smith’s inventory might be unaccounted for. We were going to ask to see the records the following Monday, then the big Saturday caper unfolded.

Maybe it was just a case of horrible timing.

A month later Dolcefino Consulting had audited the weapons inventory and found receipts for guns we couldn’t find. There were tons of questions. We told the County Auditor and the District Attorney there was a problem. They did nothing.


More weapons are now missing. Really? Really.

This time they apparently disappeared from inside the Sheriff’s Office. An inside job. Two weapons are missing.

That makes at least ten weapons that Sheriff Smith has let slip through his fingers.

What’s worse is that the District Attorney says the County Auditor had finally started the audit. So, did the guns disappear right before the receipts were matched up?

If this keeps up, the Sheriff will get a new nickname in town. 


Tonight, Waller County Commissioner John Amsler is the first to call for an outside investigation of the Sheriff’s guns.

Of course, they better hurry, cuz them guns keep turning up missing.