In her final television ad of the 2016 Campaign, Kim Ogg shares a deeply personal story. Kim’s own mother was kidnapped by a rapist in the early 1960’s, surviving only because she jumped out of a moving car to save her own life.

“That attack left terrible scars on my mother that she carried her entire life. Advocating for fair and compassionate treatment of other crime victims has been my life’s work,” says Ogg.

Ogg says it is why the jailing of a rape victim by Devon Anderson has defined the 2016 campaign for top prosecutor.

“Devon Anderson has jailed rape victims before, and she has said she would do it again. That’s bad public policy that discourages survivors from reporting sex crimes to police. In contrast, I have vowed never to jail rape victims. This issue gives the public a clear choice about the kind of leadership in criminal justice they want.”

Ogg wants Anderson to release emails between her prosecutors and key management figures. The victim’s mother and has vowed to hold those responsible, accountable. Anderson has refused to release the records, instead issuing statements and recently blaming the victim’s mother.

“This election is about judgment and it is my strong belief that we will be safer when we treat crime victims with respect and handle evidence competently rather than jailing victims for ‘safekeeping,’ a term recently used by Devon Anderson in explaining the indefensible.”

Ogg’s ad asks for the public’s support to help her continue her life’s work as Harris County’s next District Attorney. Ogg, a recipient of many awards for crime victims’ advocacy over the years, says about both ad and election:

“It’s personal.”