Bethaniel Jefferson is no longer allowed to practice dentistry in Texas or anywhere else.

That’s the unanimous decision from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners, a sign of the grievance failure of this Houston Dentist.

Jefferson is the Houston dentist who left four-year old Nevaeh Hall severely brain damaged.

Jim Moriarty, the attorney for Nevaeh Hall, has already filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of Nevaeh’s parents, alleging the toddler was strapped down using a restraint device called a “papoose board”, then suffered irreparable brain damage because of large doses of anesthetic and sedatives given during treatment.

“Nevaeh will never recover from her injuries,” said Moriarty, “However today’s decision is a victory for her parents, and all parents who take their kids to the dentist. We applaud the Dental Board, and State Administrative Law Judges who, through their actions today, are protecting other children from negligent dental practitioners.”

State records show at least 85 Texans have died because of dental anesthesia disasters since 2010, and countless more have been left damaged for life.

Dr. Jefferson has a history of disciplinary action filed against her stretching back to 2005. In 2012 the Texas Board of Dental Examiners reprimanded her for failing to meet the minimum standard of care in the sedation of another juvenile patient.

Moriarty has also been contacted by parents of children infected by bad dental water at the Children’s Dental Group Inc. in Anaheim.

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