When they hatched their plan to take over part of Galveston Bay, Jeri’s seafood figured they had it all figured out.

First, they created a company with a new name that sounded so environmentally friendly. The Chambers County Judge was their buddy. The Chambers Liberty County Navigation District in
Anahuac would sign a deal, even if it was chump change for the millions they would make.

One problem. S.T.O.R.M. likely counted they could fight the legal battle that could happen in a nice Chambers County courtroom, home cooking.

They can’t.

The Texas Supreme Court has now ruled there will be no home cooking in this fight, denying a desperate last appeal from the decision of a Galveston court. Judge Lonnie Cox ruled the lease
used to hijack the oyster crop was illegal.

It is clear the folks on the Chambers Liberty County Navigation District know their little plan is unraveling.

Last Monday, oyster companies along Galveston Bay filed a multi-million- dollar lawsuit against present and former navigation commissioners, after all they cut the deal after secret
hometown negotiations.

On Tuesday, the commissioners had a chance to say enough is enough.

Instead they voted to hire a lawyer for the legal fight ahead.

After a 45-minute closed session, the newest commissioner thought it was time to get out of Dodge, or Anahuac in this case. James Sterling is a good guy. Smart move.

Houston Attorney Cris Feldman has labeled the CLCND the Corrupt Liberty-Chambers Navigation District and plans a deep dive into the Anahuac good ole’ boys club.

Happy new year.