The folks who want to put a giant tower of smelly out of town trash along Highway 6 are setting the stage for another legal battle.

The playbook is obvious.

Lawyers for the proposed Pintail landfill want the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to overrule their own executive director after he ruled he doesn’t have authority to challenge local landfill ordinances that keep the garbage guys out.

Pintail will lose… unless their lobbyists are more powerful than they have proven to be so far.

And then Pintail will go back to court. They have telegraphed their play.

In the motion, Pintail argues Waller County can’t fight the battle over the Hempstead landfill because it is in Hempstead’s ETJ. They even claim Waller County cut that deal as part of the legal settlement after secret illegal meetings were exposed. They claim neither the City of Hempstead or Waller County have done what they were supposed to do to protect the proposed site.

Even if that’s Pintail garbage, taxpayers deserve answers.

It is time for the Waller County Attorney Elton Mathis to tell taxpayers the whole truth. The politicians didn’t pay the bill for all the illegal acts, the taxpayers did.

What’s the fine print of the settlement?

Why did Mathis break his word about the investigation he promised to conduct?

The City of Hempstead should call a special meeting and tell the whole truth.

They should direct their Economic Development Fund be used to fight the growing image of Hempstead as a planned garbage dump.

It is also time for the Mayor of Hempstead to formally ask Waller County Commissioners for help. If Pintail is right, fix it.

It is time for the Waller County Commissioners to circle all their legal wagons too.

This landfill battle has cost the citizens of Hempstead over two million dollars.

That’s real garbage.