Dolcefino Consulting has been forced to file a formal criminal complaint to the Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, seeking phone records from five Houston School Board Members.

“Since March of 2016, we have repeatedly asked H.I.S.D Board Members to follow the same rules as elected officials all over the State of Texas,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

Detailed phone records of their governmental communications are clearly public records. Sadly, the HISD Board Members have refused to act as elected officials all across the state of Texas. That refusal now requires Dolcefino Consulting to pursue enforcement of the Texas Public Information Act by the newly elected District Attorney.

Texas law requires the complaint of intentional withholding to be filed against the custodians of public records at H.I.S.D, in this case Attorneys representing H.I.S.D, but Dolcefino Consulting has identified the public officials who refuse to provide the detailed records from their providers. The H.I.S.D. Board Members claim they are not required to get the records.

The Houston School Board Members identified in the complaint are Rhonda Skillern Jones, Manuel Rodriguez, Jolanda Jones, Wanda Adams, and Diane Davila.

In recent months, Dolcefino Consulting has represented neighborhoods fighting the renaming of public schools and the former Auditor of H.I.S.D, Richard Patton. Patton was fired after reporting possible illegal activities to School Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It is important to know that H.I.S.D. School Board Member Mike Lunceford voluntarily provided phone records to Dolcefino Consulting.