State Rep. Ryan Guillen lost his Chairmanship of the Culture, Recreation and Tourism Committee this year, but he’s sure still interested in commercial oyster fishing.

Curious, since none of District 31 is in oyster harvesting territory.

Last week, the plot thickened.

Chambers County Justice of the Peace, Tracy Woody, was called to testify to Guillen’s old committee as a representative of the oyster industry to proclaim a crisis.

There’s no doubt the oyster crop is in trouble, but I wonder if Guillen has shared some salient facts with his fellow lawmakers about his bill’s supporter Judge Woody.

Woody and his oyster company S.T.O.R.M is right now being sued by the State of Texas for trying to illegally monopolize the Galveston Bay oyster crop with a backroom lease deal involving his home town friends on the Chambers Liberty County Navigation District.

Documents Woody provided to the legislative committee claimed members of the oyster advisory committee of Parks and Wildlife are controlled by one oyster company, coincidentally the very one leading a lawsuit to expose the smelly oyster lease S.T.O.R.M is trying to use to take over 23,000 acres of prime oyster territory.

When State Representative Dennis Bonnen pressed Woody for evidence the companies are connected, Woody stated he didn’t know…

And he’s a Judge?

We already know the Chambers Liberty County Navigation District has been hiding documents on the deal with Woody that every taxpayer has a right to see.

That’s why Texas lawmakers should let the courts deal with Mr. Woody.

Texas Courts are unanimous so far that Woody’s lease deal with the home town bureaucrats is illegal, but I bet you didn’t know who has agreed to be a fact witness for Woody in his scheme to take over the oyster biz!

We know.

State Rep. Ryan Guillen.

Wonder what this Rio Grande Valley politician knows about a lease deal in Chambers County?

Wonder if his constituents in South Texas know he’s agreed to help Woody and S.T.O.R.M in their legal case?

The potential for a conflict of interest is hard to ignore. While Guillen is trying to help Woody pull off his oyster play in court, he’s also the author of legislation that competitors say could make the lease deal legal.

The oyster bill will be heard in Committee Tuesday, March 28th. in Austin.

Maybe Rep. Guillen should explain his relationship to S.T.O.R.M and Judge Woody and his special interest in who gets to fish in Galveston Bay!

Maybe he should explain how that helps anyone who voted for Rep. Guillen!