When politicians want to keep stuff secret from the home folks, they often put required public notices in another town’s newspaper.

It’s sneaky. It’s also an old trick.

That’s why Hempstead Mayor Michael Wolfe has some explaining to do.

Why in the world is the City of Hempstead trying to change their landfill ordinance when they know Green Group will use that as an opening to finally get the 17-story tall tower of trash they want on Highway 6.

That’s right. The City of Hempstead has put a notice of their intent to change the ordinance they passed to fight the landfill. No press release. No word to the citizens of Hempstead. Just a public notice in the government section of the Brookshire paper.

Lawyers for the Citizens Against the Landfill and Waller County are reportedly scratching their heads too.

Right now, Green Group is fighting the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality in an Austin courtroom, in part because they want to prove the Hempstead ordinance won’t stand up.

Mayor Michael Wolfe promised locals he would fight the landfill, but the town is in money trouble, and that is a recipe for trouble. Wolfe needs to explain this proposed landfill change today, and the community needs to send a clear message.