Waller County Commissioners have formally asked the embattled Sheriff Glenn Smith to resign after the latest jail house scandal in Hempstead.

The Waller County District Attorney and the County Judge delivered the message during a lunch with the Sheriff this week.

The Sheriff said no.

The resignation request came after an executive session of the Waller County Commissioners Court last week, as the latest negative headlines hit the Sheriff’s Department after a male inmate was allowed to wander into the area with female inmates and at least 4 sex acts happened.

It is just the latest embarrassment for Sheriff Smith.

First, the Sandra Bland tragedy, then evidence of sloppy gun inventory after the 8 weapons were stolen from the Sheriff’s car, and now this. Waller County Commissioners had clearly seen enough.

“For the safety and well being of the citizens of Waller County the Sheriff must go,” says County Commissioner John Amsler. “I want my constituents to know that I have tried to remedy the situation. Some people should not be in public office.”

The Waller County Attorney could now try to remove Smith from office, but here is another place where the law is just plain stupid.

Under Texas law, the only incident that could be used as evidence of incompetence is stuff that happened since Smith started his newest terms in office. Even the jail mistakes in the Bland case could not be used against him.

Welcome to Texas.