Remember being a kid and thinking the moon was made of green cheese?

Of course, it wasn’t.

It’s just a fantasy – like the list of hundreds of supporters on JR Moon’s campaign website in his race to be Mayor of Pasadena.

Last week, Dolcefino Consulting busted Mr. Moon. We discovered a number of folks on the list were dead, some of them for several years.

The candidate suggested we stumbled upon clerical errors – an honest mistake. He would not share the contact information for the rest of his list.

Now we know why!

Outside of the deceased on Moon’s list, we have found at least a dozen names of totally alive people who say they don’t support him either. And this number continues to rise.

What’s worse? Some of these Pasadena voters say they called Moon, telling him personally to take their names off his list. They are still waiting.

“If Mr. Moon knowingly inflated his level of support on his website, this is no longer an oops moment. It’s intentional and raises an ethics problem Moon should address immediately,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting.

Pasadena voters have a right to know. Truth matters.