Two weeks ago, members of the Waller County Commissioners Court sent a message to the embattled Sheriff Glenn Smith.


The Sheriff said no.

One of the reasons was the theft of a machine gun and 7 other weapons from the Sheriff’s car.

An investigation by Dolcefino Consulting found lots of discrepancies in the gun inventory. Two Commissioners demanded an audit, and then got fighting mad when the auditor waited almost a
year to even start it.

Now that audit is public.

In our view, it is shocking for the abject failure to track how many weapons are missing and why?

The Waller County Auditor’s spent three days counting the weapons that were presented to them. Finding where and when the weapons were bought were not even considered.

In other words, let’s just start over.

The Sheriff agreed to an inventory once a year, and the auditor will do an inventory too. The Auditor and Sheriff exchanged congratulations for how well they all got along.

“This is a joke, and I am glad I read it before I ate dinner”, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Investigative Communications Firm that exposed gun troubles 14 months ago.
“The public had a right to know whether the receipts for guns, and the trades for cooler more expensive guns all match up to the inventory. They should have tracked the weapons purchases
for years because they have the receipts. The public also deserves a full accounting of the status of the big Sheriff gun theft. How hard is he looking for that machine gun?”

The audit results come out as Waller County prepares for a possible lawsuit over the sex acts performed when a male inmate was allowed to wander among the female inmate cells. Up to
six jail employees have reportedly been fired or have resigned in the wake of jail scandals, including the Sandra Bland case.

Waller County taxpayers should read what they got for themselves.

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