Families from neighborhoods surrounding the White Oak “mosh pit” want to make sure Houston city council members hear the filthy lyrics that blared into thousands of Houston homes last week.

The A$AP Mob show was held outside on a Thursday night, when kids had school the next day. The noise of filthy lyrics shook some homes, and blared foul language into thousands of others. The Houston Police Department issued a citation, the latest in a series of tickets issued to White Oak for violating the sound ordinance.

A number of residents have signed up to speak to Council Tuesday afternoon beginning at 2:00 PM. A growing number of families are joining the fight to stop loud outdoor concerts, especially on school days.

“It is a real pity the city allows this nonsense to continue,” says resident Timothy Goings. “Shame on them and the White Oak investors who are ruining the privacy of our homes and our quality of life. It must stop.”

The city has still not approved a permanent stage permit for the outdoor “mosh pit” that can hold up to 4,000, so the Council could stop the noise.

A trial on a lawsuit over the White Oak “mosh pit” was scheduled for last week but was pushed to December due to Hurricane Harvey.

Houston media organizations have been provided videos of the horrible sounds at the A$AP Mob Show. The residents will be available for news interviews after their presentation.