In just one weekend, nearly a thousand people have already called on Texas Tech to pay Coach Mike Leach what they owe him.

The petition drive is on-line at and also on Facebook.

Supporters of the former Red Raider coach showed their support during the homecoming game, waving the #PAYCOACHLEACH balloons handed out before the game. One supporter walked ten miles to express his support, and another Red Raider offered to donate $500 dollars cash to the Coach.

“Texas Tech will have a stain on the reputation of the school until they pay Mike Leach what he is owed,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Any company in Lubbock that does business with the University should wonder if the school can break their contract and get away with it.”

Leach has hired Dolcefino Consulting to investigate waste, fraud and abuse at Texas Tech.  The website also provides a way for folks to provide tips. The University is already fighting our public information requests for the phone records of Regents.

“The Regents claim they don’t know which calls they make are personal or Texas Tech business,” says Dolcefino, “How convenient. They are smart folks. They can figure it out if they want.”

The phone records will show if Regents communicated with school vendors.

At a press conference this weekend, Dolcefino detailed the investigation now underway to also uncover just how many hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money has been spent by the school to fight the payment of $2.5 million dollars owed to Leach.