Texas Tech University is stepping up the battle to keep secrets about the investigation that led to the firing of popular football Coach Mike Leach.

The University is asking the Texas Attorney General to keep all the records secret. 




“The people who pay the bills at Texas Tech are the students, parents and taxpayers,” says Wayne Dolcefino President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Maybe the Regents should get a refresher course in the public right to know.  They are acting like we are looking for the body of Jimmy Hoffa.”


In recent days, Dolcefino Consulting has learned Texas Tech University fired Coach Leach without even completing an investigation into the alleged mistreatment of a player. Now, they don’t even want you to see what they actually did do before they slimed the reputation of a guy who led the Red Raiders to their best season ever.


“It is time for the truth to come out,” says Dolcefino, “All of it. Good or Bad. What’s the University afraid of?”


Coach Leach says the University still owes him $2.3 million dollars under his contract.


Dolcefino Consulting has asked for financial records and e-mails in a growing review of possible waste, fraud, and mismanagement at the University. Texas Tech Regents are trying to hide phone records. We have also asked for documents detailing payments to former Chancellor Kent Hance since his resignation. The University now claims he is still a part time employee.


In letters to the Texas Attorney General, Texas Tech lawyer Ronny Wall complains Dolcefino Consulting has asked for the records to pressure Texas Tech to pay Coach Leach.


“First of all, Mr. Wall has no business questioning my motives,” says Dolcefino.  “The law makes that quite clear. Second, the records belong to the people of Texas, including the good folks in Lubbock. What are they hiding?”


Supporters can sign the petition at PayCoachLeach.com .  The website also has a way to leave tips about possible misconduct at Texas Tech University.