Houston recycling petition for new city contract

Houston recycling petition for new city contract

Dear Mayor Turner and Esteemed Council Members, we demand that you cancel the fatally flawed recycling contract being considered by the City Council. It’s a bad deal for Houston’s citizens that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. We want to support the environment, but we don’t want to pay a garbage tax to support business as usual.

We urgently request that you start a fair comprehensive zero waste bidding process, which must allow all options, including One Bin approaches, to be considered side-by-side under the same evaluation criteria.

Only then will we be assured that Houston residents are getting the best deal possible for their pocket books and the planet.

This petition will be delivered to:

Mayor Sylvester Turner
Council Member Stardig
Council Member Davis
Council Member Cohen
Council Member Boykins
Council Member Martin
Council Member Le
Council Member Travis
Council Member Cisneros
Council Member Gallegos
Council Member Laster
Council Member Green
Council Member Knox
Council Member Robinson
Council Member Kubosh
Council Member Edwards
Council Member Christie

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