ECOHUB press conference video to delay Houston recycling contract vote with George Gitschel joined Houston attorney Stewart Hoffer and Wayne Dolcefino.

ECOHUB Founder George Gitschel joined Houston attorney Stewart Hoffer and Wayne Dolcefino, President of the Dolcefino Consulting firm at a Friday afternoon news conference to press for transparency before City Council is scheduled to vote on the deal.

Gitschel, The founder of Houston based ECOHUB, wants the scandal ridden Recycling contract vote delayed.

The press conference followed the court ordered production of e-mails the City of Houston has been fighting to keep secret, including e-mails from Mayor Sylvester Turner’s private e-mail account.

Judge Kristen Hawkins told City lawyers she is deeply troubled with the way the City has followed laws requiring the disclosure of public records. Judge Hawkins will inspect thousands of documents the City wants to withhold, including e-mails that will help show possible bid rigging and charges of possible corruption in City of Houston garbage contracts.

Following the court order, Houston City Councilmember Michael Kubosh was the first to call for a delay in the recycling contract vote until the e-mails are made public.

“It is time to find out why ECOHUB was kicked out of the chance to win this contract,” says Kubosh. “It is the right thing to do.”

ECOHUB has accused the Turner administration of rigging the recycling proposal to keep the company from participating. Turner killed a nearly completed contract with ECOHUB, even though the company was offering to save the City of Houston up to $40 million dollars a year in garbage costs.