Texas Tech Alumni, Jodey Arrington was elected to represent Lubbock in the United States Congress in November 2016. For years prior however, the West Texas Congressman had been the right-hand man of Kent Hance, the former Chancellor at Texas Tech.

Texas Tech is now fighting to keep the public from seeing e-mails sent between Hance and Arrington during the 2009 investigation and firing of Texas Tech Football Coach Mike Leach.

Congressman Arrington refuses to discuss the Leach case, despite evidence Arrington was involved in the campaign to “dirty up” the famed football coach after fan outrage.

Dolcefino Consulting asked Texas Tech to turn over e-mails sent between Hance and Arrington about the Leach investigation. The University released just a handful of documents, including an e-mail sent by Lubbock television station General Manager Don Jackson at the time of the Leach firing.

“I hope I can someday say the actions were totally justified, but my viewers are angry,” Jackson wrote in an e-mail shared by Arrington to Kent Hance.

“Eight years after the firing, Texas Tech is hiding any e-mails sent between Hance and Arrington prior to the decision to suspend and fire Coach Leach,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “It’s time for the media in Lubbock to demand full transparency. What in the world are they hiding? I would think the Congressman would be demanding Tech release the e-mail record, so this doesn’t become a political problem for Arrington.”


Dolcefino Consulting has already filed a lawsuit against Texas Tech, fighting for release of records that will document the truth about the Leach ouster. You will love the irony of the response Tech filed with the court this week.

“Texas Tech is now asking a Lubbock judge to hide the records from public disclosure because we are suing them for other records that they are keeping secret,” says Dolcefino, “The parents paying tuition should be demanding the university spend money on educating their kids, not teaching them lessons on secrecy and cover-ups.”

Dolcefino Consulting has already proven that Texas Tech never actually finished the promised “thorough investigation” into Coach Leach, firing him without a single sworn statement that he had anything wrong.

E-mails we do have show Tech officials investigated the amount of money that various angry fans had donated to Texas Tech before deciding how to respond to their outrage. In fact, one 2010 e-mail shows the now- Congressman wanting to share negative news stories with alumni to help damage the Coach’s reputation.

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