Lubbock State District Judge, William “Bill” Sowder has set a date of May 18th for the first courtroom battle over records Texas Tech is trying to hide from Red Raider fans, students, parents and taxpayers.

Texas Tech University has withheld records detailing the investigation of former coach, Mike Leach and expenditures of the football team.

Dolcefino Consulting sought a deposition of a Texas Tech official last week. The University has moved to block the questioning, citing in part the same 100-year old sovereign immunity law used to cheat coach Leach out of 2.5 million dollars.

Dallas attorneys, Michael Hurst and Julie Pettit now want a hearing to fight for the public right to know.

“It is time to set the record straight,” says Hurst. “It is time for the whole truth. The public’s right to know should be honored by Texas Tech. What are they hiding?”

“It is sad that a Texas State University is now spending taxpayer money to fight the taxpayers’ right to know,” says Pettit. “All Dolcefino Consulting wants is sunshine and transparency. It is time to end the secrecy.”

“Every day more of the truth is coming out, one way or the other,” says Wayne Dolcefino, president of the Houston based investigation communications firm, Dolcefino Consulting. “We have already exposed the sweetheart deal given former Chancellor, Kent Hance, the secret communications that exposed the plan to cheat Coach Leach out of money he earned. Everyday Texas Tech is damaging their reputation by this arrogant withholding of public records. Coach Leach deserves the truth, but even more important, Red Raider fans deserve to know.”

Dolcefino is the long time investigative television reporter who has waged numerous battles for transparency.

“None of the records Texas Tech is hiding are confidential. The university could release them all tomorrow, avoiding the continued waste of money that should be spent on the kids,” says Dolcefino. “It is time to end the secrecy, or the mistreatment of Coach Leach will sadly curse the Red Raider nation. It doesn’t have to.

The legal action by Dolcefino Consulting followed the refusal of Texas Tech to release records obtained during the Leach investigation.

“It is time for legislators in Austin to ask what the university is hiding. We have intentionally focused our investigation on former Tech officials because they are the ones we know conspired to fire Leach and keep money owed to him, but time is running out for the current regents to do the right thing,” says Dolcefino.