Someone knows how Houston Businessman Harold Farb really died and it is time to get the truth.

Just one problem.

Houston Police and the Harris County Forensic Science center refuse to help the Farb family get answers.

What’s their excuse? They claim they are still investigating the case. They even asked the Texas Attorney General to make sure they keep the family from seeing what they have done.


“Houston Police have repeatedly turned our requests to look at the records,” says Wayne Dolcefino President of Dolcefino Consulting. “The notion that they are actually investigating this case is laughable, but that’s how they got to keep what they are or aren’t doing secret, even from the children and grandchildren of Harold Farb.”

Farb died at home after a dialysis catheter in his neck was severed. Forensic pathologist Vincent Di Maio, hired by the family to review Farb’s autopsy says Farb was the victim of a homicide.

Years after turning over Dr. Di Maio’s findings, the death certificate still hasn’t been changed.

Dr. Di Maio says it would have been impossible for Harold Farb to cut his own catheter, dispose of it in the trash, before walking across the room and then bleeding out in the shower.

Now the family has asked Dolcefino Consulting to launch our own investigation of his death, and locate witnesses to see if we can solve a case the cops can’t or won’t.

“I offered to help the Cold Case squad and got crickets,” says Dolcefino. “Having the original witness statements would be helpful. Fine. The family has now asked us to re-investigate the Farb death. They think it was murder. Anyone with information should call 713-360-6911 or contact us here.”