Judge Bill Sowder has sent a message to Texas Tech that Dolcefino Consulting’s lawsuit will move forward in his court.

In his message Judge Sowder writes, “In addition, it appears to the Court that the issues of what to produce and how much to charge for production are not difficult matters and the Court expects reasonableness as opposed to nitpicking to control the ins and outs of this case.”

Earlier this month, attorneys for Texas Tech and the Texas Attorney General’s Office tried to claim the request for the completed investigation into the firing of Coach Mike Leach wasn’t provided because the investigation was interrupted. Judge Sowder called that wordsmithing.

“Finally we have a real chance to finally expose Texas Tech’s scheme to cheat Mike Leach, and then show Red Raiders the sham investigation used to get rid of the Coach,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “Tech is also hiding reports of sexual incidents on campus, payments to companies from the football team, and trying play games to keep us from seeing phone records and e-mails of Regents.”

Tech has tried all kinds of ways to keep public records secret including bogus and illegal charges for production.

“It is sad the Regents have not seen the value of restoring the school’s tarnished reputation,” says Dolcefino, “Paying the Coach what they owe him to erase the stain of dishonesty and remove the curse that many believe plagued the Tech football team. I stand ready to help them close this chapter. I also stand ready to expose all the secrets at Tech. Their choice.”