Texas Tech has decided to ignore an order from State District Judge Bill Sowder just one day after the Lubbock judge ruled a lawsuit filed by Dolcefino Consulting could move forward.

The appeal by Texas Tech and the Texas Attorney General will stall the fight to finally give Texans their fundamental right to see public records the University has been hiding for nine years, records detailing the investigation used to cheat former Tech Football Coach Mike Leach out of 2.5 million dollars he is still owed.

Judge Sowder had already criticized the University in court for playing word games to justify the withholding of key records. Dolcefino Consulting has also accused the University General Counsel Ronny Wall of ongoing attempts to impose illegal charges to intentionally withheld public records.

Judge Sowder included this message to the lawyers in his court order Monday.

“Issues of what to produce and how much to charge for production are not difficult matters and the Court expects reasonableness as opposed to nitpicking to control the ins and outs of this case.”

Today, Attorney General Ken Paxton filed notice of appeal a notice of appeal to the 7th Court of Appeals in Amarillo.

“Apparently Texas Tech would rather waste more time and money rather than try a new tactic, the truth,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting. “This conspiracy to keep
secrets and cover up the fraud perpetrated against Mike Leach has stained the reputation of a great University. Apparently protecting the big-wigs is more important.”

Texas Tech has used the legal fight over the Leach records to also conceal any history of sexual assaults on campus, and payments to vendors of the Red Raider football team.

“Ken Paxton is the Texas State Official who is supposed to safeguard the public right to know, but here he is helping Texas Tech try to keep secrets from students, parents, donors and
taxpayers, says Dolcefino. “ What a great campaign slogan for the fall.”