Javier Palomarez, the former head of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has been cleared of any financial wrongdoing.

Now he is speaking out exclusively for the first time since he resigned in February to Dolcefino Consulting, the Texas based Investigative Communications Firm.

“I am a good Texican. I was raised to never start a fight, but I was raised to not walk away from a fight either,”says Palomarez.

Javier Palomarez was the Chief Executive Officer of the nation’s largest Hispanic business advocacy group until February, resigning shortly after media outlets, including Buzz Feed and the New York Times, reported he was under investigation for alleged embezzlement.

Now the rest of the story. Palomarez had been courted to run for Governor of Texas as a Democrat this year, but his political fortunes were derailed after the scandal broke.

Palomarez has been silent since February, even though just hours after the news headlines devastated his reputation, he learned an ad hoc committee of the Chamber had already cleared his name.

“I have been called a lot of things, but I am not a liar and not a thief,” Palomarez says in the interview released on Facebook and to news organizations around the country.

Former Chairman of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Don Salazar has also broken his silence. In an affidavit obtained by Palomarez’s attorneys. Salazar confirms the whole embezzlement scandal was made up.

“There was never any credible evidence presented to the board to support any such claims or allegations,” swears Salazar.

Marc Rodriguez, a former Chairman of the Hispanic Chamber Board and member of it’s compensation committee, has also provided an affidavit supporting Palomarez.

“The USHCC ultimately cleared Mr. Palomarez of all wrongdoing. He did not embezzle a single penny to my knowledge,” says Rodriguez.

So why did the Hispanic Chamber refuse to clear Palomarez name?

Salazar and Rodriguez lay the blame for the scandal on Nina Vaca, a prominent businesswoman in Dallas who owns Pinnacle, and is Chairwoman of the United States Hispanic Chamber’s foundation.

Palomarez is now publicly discussing his sexual affair with Vaca for the first time, and says the investigation was sparked by her vengeance after he broke off the relationship almost two years ago.

“The only other difficult thing is facing my wife and life partner of 37 years and admitting to her that I failed her,” Palomarez confessed after a difficult conversation with his wife.

I will work the rest of my life to earn her forgiveness. Though, I don’t know that I will ever be able to forgive myself.

Palomarez is now armed with sordid sworn affidavits from eyewitnesses to the affair, along with text messages from Vaca that will prove highly embarrassing.
In one, Vaca tells Palomarez “I fell asleep thinking and wake up thinking about you, and I love you.”

Palomarez has released just some of the text messages, and pictures of lavish gifts Vaca showered him with.
There are also bank records, showing Vaca’s Dallas company paid $120,000 towards his home in the nation’s capital. How will Vaca explain that use of funds?

Palomarez had saved the U.S. Hispanic Chamber from financial ruin when he joined in October of 2009. He had become a major voice for the Hispanic business community in the years since, with a compelling life story,the son of migrant farm workers who grew up in a one room shack with nine siblings to lead the US HispanicChamber of Commerce.

Since his resignation in February, corporate sponsors are reportedly fleeing the Chamber and it is mired in financial problems. The majority of Chamber Board Members and staff members have followed Palomarez out of the door.

“I don’t know if they can ever restore the damage that has been done there, but if I have an opportunity to set the record straight I owe it to my friends, to the people who believed in this association, who believed in me,” says Palomarez.

Vaca and her lawyers have denied the Palomarez affair allegations, but there is little question she orchestrated the move to oust Palomarez without disclosing the depth of her relationship with him.

Palomarez is also fighting back against allegations of sexual harassment. He also fell victim to the #metoomovement, which is now under fire for the lack of due process.

Palomarez’s former Chief of Staff, Gissel Gazek Nicholas, claimed that in 2013, Palomarez tried to kiss her once and touched her back. She waited five years to make the complaint, and only did so after she was Gazek Nicholas claims the alleged attempted kiss was sexual assault, but she hasn’t explained why she stayed another five years, all the while reporting to and travelling with Palomarez around the country.

“It is not true, and even if it was, it does a disservice to the women who actually have been harmed and assaulted,” says Palomarez.

Palomarez resigned to try and save the Chamber from being torn apart by dissension but has now hired Houston based lawyers Chad Pinkerton and Andrew Cobos in the fight to restore his reputation.

“The USHCC, Nina Vaca and their co-conspirators did a horrible disservice to millions of Hispanic Americans,” says Pinkerton. “Revenge destroyed a hard-working advocate for Hispanic Americans, perhaps the nation’s leading voice for his community. We plan to expose this conspiracy, Miss Vaca, and all of her cohorts. They will be shown no mercy. They will be given no quarter.”

A number of corporate executives linked to the Hispanic Chamber have received demand letters and requests for sworn statements, a sign that Palomarez is ready to fight to restore his good name.

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Don Salazar Affidavit