Houston Fire Station 67 is special to me.

Years ago, 13 Undercover exposed the broken ladder truck that was sent to a burning house.

Two children died. The result was a lot of new fire equipment.

Mayor Turner has said nothing about our recent report showing the fleet is in a crisis.

I wonder if he’s checked the fire station closest to his house, that very same fire station.

Records provided by the Houston Fire Department show the fire engine in Turner’s neighborhood fire station was taken out of service for maintenance 127 times in two years.

The fire engine was unable to respond to calls at the mayor’s house a total of 437 hours.

The story on ladder 67 was sadly just as bad. It was broken 61 times, the most in the entire council district. Twice there was no ladder truck for ten straight hours for the Acres Home neighborhood.

The mayor doesn’t deserve better fire protection than the rest of us, but we would hate to think that if he called for help, the neighborhood fire station would be empty.

You can see how your neighborhood fire station fared from aging and broken equipment clicking on State of Emergency: The Cost of a Broken Houston Fire Fleet.