Gerald "Jerry" Rome

Gerald “Jerry” Rome

A growing number of Colorado fraud victims are going public with their criticism of Securities Commissioner Gerald Rome.

Take the case of Seth Weiss.

Look at this headline.

Rome boasted in a press release about a 13.2 million-dollar judgement his office got from Seth Weiss, the owner of Genie Lens Technology.

Weiss had lied to investors that he was doing so well he had 1 million dollars, but it turned out it was more like 750 dollars.

Jennifer Atler was a close friend of Seth Weiss, but her family became victims too, losing 200 thousand dollars.

“I mean, it’s terrible. It’s just, it’s a broken trust and it’s terrible, terrible,” said Atler. “And I think it’s a lack of justice that nothing has been received for the people from whom he stole that money.”

Remember, the date of the Rome victory lap was Oct. 8, 2015.

So why did Rome fight our request to simply see how much of that big judgement Colorado had collected after three years. What’s the big secret?

Now we know. Rome admits Colorado hasn’t collected a penny. Worse, there’s evidence Rome’s office knew there was no money, so why brag about it?

“I think what I was hoping for was a criminal prosecution that would have meted out some sort of justice even more than the money, but of course I would love to get our money back,” said Atler.

The investigation by Dolcefino Consulting has already exposed bureaucratic breakdown for victims of fraud. Rome refuses to sit down for an interview citing a lawsuit filed by Dolcefino Consulting over the production of public records.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that Mr. Rome is giving Coloradoans a false sense of security. The record of collections against fraudster is simply unacceptable,” said Wayne Dolcefino, president of Dolcefino Consulting. “Mr. Rome has the obligation to make sure if he’s going to brag about big money he won for Coloradoans he better care about what happens next.”

Dolcefino Consulting investigation has already proven that the collection of money for fraud victims is abysmal. Since 2008, 187 million dollars has been by the Security commissioner. Less than 3 million has been paid.

Since Rome has become security commissioner the amount of money won for fraud victims has dropped dramatically.

The Weiss case is the biggest judgement Rome has won since he took the office in 2014. Colorado hasn’t collected a penny. Seth Weiss still lives in a 1.2-million-dollar home in Englewood, Colorado outside Denver.

“I’ve had no communication,” said Atler. “I’ve heard nothing from the state to my knowledge that I can recall.”