Woodlands attorney Mary Van Orman has been making waves lately, asking judges to punish lawyers for not following the rules. In the last few weeks Van Orman has asked for sanctions against Conroe attorney, Kate Bihm.

Next Monday, she’ll be in court asking Judge Lisa Millard to sanction attorneys Michael Bynane and Carlos Ryerson.


It looks like Van Orman has an issue following the rules herself.
Back in February, Van Orman was charged with Assault Family Violence by Montgomery County Sherriff’s deputies when an argument between Van Orman and her niece turned violent.

The incident report states that Van Orman shoved her niece into a headboard, put her hands on her niece’s neck, grabbed her niece’s hair, and pushed her out of the bedroom while yelling in her face. The incident report alleges that Van Orman’s 16-year-old son had to restrain Van Orman at one point and was the one who called police.

This incident wasn’t Van Orman’s first brush with law enforcement.

In 2016, while Montgomery County Sherriff’s deputies were investigating a hit and run accident, they talked to Van Orman and another individual outside of the Cru Wine Bar in Market Street in The Woodlands. The incident report states the driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence after telling police that he and Van Orman were coming back from Houston after celebrating a court victory.

According to the report, Van Orman, at one point barefoot and slurring her speech, took the opportunity to lecture officers about what an important lawyer she was.

According to the report, Van Orman “claimed she was getting irritated and was ready to call the District Attorney of Montgomery County, Brett Ligon, who she claimed was a close personal friend of hers.” Van Orman also “stated several times she was a high-profile attorney in family law.”


It appears that Van Orman has no problem asking a judge to punish those she thinks have done something wrong. Unfortunately, it looks like when Mary Van Orman does something wrong, she seems to think she’s above the law.