As President of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Palomarez was the leading national advocate for the Hispanic business community. Palomarez had become such a critical voice for the entire Latino community he was being courted to run for Texas Governor.

In October 2017, Palomarez was abruptly fired during a closed-door meeting of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation after being accused of crimes that he did not commit. The meeting lasted only thirty-one minutes, and the directors, one a BP America top executive, asked no questions about the false accusations.

By February 2018, Palomarez had been ousted from its sister entity, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, after major news organizations reported he had been accused of embezzlement and sexual harassment.

Now, five months later Palomarez and his Houston lawyers are filing a groundbreaking lawsuit that will expose the individuals involved in the conspiracy to destroy his reputation and will document that the #MeToo movement is not just about women.

In this case, a man was the target and the victim of one woman’s power.

Oil giant BP, The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation and CNN Contributor Maria Cardona are identified as just some of the members of the irresponsible plot to oust Palomarez on now disproven allegations, a conspiracy orchestrated by Palomarez’ female boss, Dallas businesswoman Nina Vaca.

Vaca is Chairwoman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation. The lawsuit will detail clear and convincing evidence Vaca retaliated against Palomarez after he broke off ax extra-marital affair.

Details of the lawsuit will be unveiled at an 11:00 am news conference at the Law Offices of Chad Pinkerton. Palomarez will be joined by Houston attorneys Chad Pinkerton and Andrew Cobos of the law firm of Bell, Rose & Cobos.

“Nina Vaca used her power and her corporate buddies to try and destroy a good man Javier Palomarez,” says Chad Pinkerton of the Houston based Pinkerton law Firm. “When we are done, Vaca will become the poster child for sexual harassment against men, a woman who was so desperate for revenge she manufactured false allegations of sexual harassment and embezzlement to destroy her subordinate and former lover.”

Vaca owns Pinnacle, the fastest growing Hispanic woman owned businesses in the country. The news conference will detail evidence she is now retaliating against other Hispanic Chamber officials who are willing to expose this horrific national employment scandal.

“I will spend the rest of my life trying to repair the damage done to my family, but they fully support my decision to fight back publicly, no matter the odds, no matter how powerful these people are, to restore my name,” says Palomarez.

Documents to be revealed Tuesday with the lawsuit will sadly bring more national attention to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the largest Hispanic business advocacy group in the country, already struggling to keep corporate sponsors after news of the Palomarez ouster broke in February.

Other defendants in the lawsuit are U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation board members Katie Baker, Robert Rendon, Brian Tippens, Ray Dempsey and Roland Juarez, the former General Counsel of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Dempsey is the Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer for BP America. Tippens is Chief Diversity Officer of HP.

“Javier Palomarez is prepared to expose the big U.S. corporations who were willing to help assassinate his reputation because he was an outspoken leader for Hispanics and pushing these big corporate giants to put more Latinos in their corporate boardrooms and contracting rosters,” says Pinkerton. “ This was an illegal attempt to silence a major voice for the Hispanic communities all across America.”

“This is just the beginning,” adds attorney Andrew Cobos. “The other corporations linked to this conspiracy—they know who they are—should be on their toes.”

The news conference will be located on the 5 th floor offices of the Pinkerton Law Firm, 5020 Montrose Boulevard. The news conference will also be streamed live on Dolcefino Consulting’s Facebook page.