If you want to know if the lawyer trying to take away your kids in a custody case is a friend of the Judge you need to look at campaign contributions.

The newest reports are now available in our Family Injustice investigation.

We took a closer look at the campaign pay of Judge James Lombardino, under growing fire for family injustice cases.

Lombardino raised nearly $ 50,000 dollars in just six months, a lot of it coming from a fundraiser Dolcefino Consulting secretly filmed at the fancy steakhouse Mastros in Uptown.

The fundraiser was thrown by Jared Woodfill, the former Republican Party Chairman, who practices in Lombardino’s court. Woodfill’s clients have complained about Lombardino and may wonder why their lawyer is trying to get the controversial Judge re-elected anyway.

Lombardino stands apart from most of his peers in the amount of in-kind contributions he’s received, namely fundraisers by family lawyers practicing in his court.

Bobby King Newman has been one of Lombardino’s top donors over the years, giving him tens of thousands of dollars and appearing in many cases in the 308th family court. The relationship has prompted lots of complaints, even among lawyers.

Bobby Newman didn’t donate a single cent this period, but his partner did.

“The latest filings make it clear once again this system of electing Family Court Judges is inherently corrupt”, says Wayne Dolcefino President of Dolcefino Consulting.

“When you are fighting for your child, you shouldn’t have to worry if the Judge owes a favor to the lawyer on the other side, period.”

You should see who is paying the Judge in your divorce or child custody case. It shouldn’t matter, but our investigation shows it does. It might even explain why you are losing.

The new records can be viewed on our Harris County Judge page.