Woodlands attorney Mary Van Orman just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble.

Today Van Orman was slapped with court papers to show up in a Montgomery County courtroom next Thursday, August 9th and she faces the real possibility of going to jail.

Van Orman was sanctioned by Montgomery County Judge Tracey Gilbert in June and told to write a letter of apology and write a check to another lawyer for being downright unprofessional to her, including a loud and bizarre confrontation at a Conroe bar.

Guess what? Van Orman just ignored the Judge. Can’t wait to see how that goes over?

Conroe attorney Kate Bihm is now asking Judge Gilbert to hold Van Orman in contempt of court and put her in jail.

Van Orman seems to get in a lot of trouble, allegations of family assault, making up stories to get out of court appearances and showing up to mediation late and barefoot. Van Orman took turns laughing and crying during the Gilbert hearing in June. The hearing will surely be one to watch.

While Van Orman faces mounting scrutiny, there is one client who seems to be really pleased with Mary Van Orman’s work. Ousted Petro-Valve, Inc. President, Marek Menger changed the sign outside one of his businesses to this…

Marek is hoping Van Orman can pull another stall job before Judge Lisa Millard, the Harris County judge in his own divorce case.

After two long years, the Menger divorce case should be over, but Mary Van Orman wants a do over, even though she was on the phone during the hearing where the divorce was granted

Wonder what the sign will read when Judge Millard does the right thing in this climate of Family Injustice.

When it’s over, it’s over.