Attorneys for Prime Social Poker club have a date in court Thursday afternoon.

The founder of the Post Oak Poker Club are suing us, and when you hear why, you might start calling this ‘the sore loser’ case.

A lot of the folks who used to play at Post Oak have now taken their chips to our place at 7801 Westheimer and Post Oak isn’t happy.

The lawsuit details our alleged conspiracy to “hire attractive women who have convinced players at Post Oak to switch their membership to Prime Social. Post Oak admits they have lost 100 players.

Prime Social admits it likes to have employees who are attractive inside and out.

Post Oak has also lost poker dealers, and even some of their kitchen staff.

“You can’t just sue your competition because they’re providing better service,” says Prime Social founder Dean Maddox, “We do not apologize for having a safe, fun place to play poker, watch sports and have great food and drinks.”

Post Oak founder Daniel Kebort also complains Prime Social doesn’t have a game room permit. One problem, the game room permit is for 8-liners and that’s not we do. We play poker on tables.

Prime Social makes playing your favorite game really simple.

Folks join our private club, pay a small entrance fee and then rent a seat at a poker table. We do not take a dime out of the pot, which means Houstonians don’t have to go to dangerous smoke-filled back rooms to play poker where the players get cheated by the dealer.

The poker war hearing is set for Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 2 pm in Judge Michael Landrum’s 113th District Court.

Prime Social and our attorneys will be available for interviews after the hearing.

“We have made it clear we will run our private poker club by the book,” says Maddox. “We love that we are becoming a great social destination. It is sad that Post Oak is choosing to use the court system instead of just making their own poker room worth playing at.”