The divorce case of Mindy and Allan Comstock in Galveston is already contentious, but now there are real questions about why Friendswood Police seized Mindy’s kids from her house late in the evening without having a court order to do it.

Mindy Comstock had been ordered to jail by Judge John Grady for refusing to turn her kids over to her husband, but the court issued no order to send police to her home to seize the kids.

The teenagers aren’t being given a vote in court about who they live with, but that is now overshadowed by the conduct of Friendswood Police later that evening.

Three Friendswood Police officers handcuffed a 78- year grandfather with a heart condition and literally went upstairs with flashlights at nearly 11:00 PM to get the teenagers out of bed.

There’s another wrinkle. The father fighting for custody in court is a Houston Police SWAT Officer and was reportedly at the scene when the Friendswood cops showed up at mom’s house.

“I have been asking Friendswood Police all day who gave them the legal authority to go to that house they and take custody of the children, and the answer seems to a big who knows,” says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, “If this turns out to be a favor done because daddy has a badge, that is just wrong.”

“There was no need to remove them at 11 o’clock at night,” says Mindy Comstock, now out of jail on contempt. “The kids were screaming and crying when they were removed from their bedrooms, especially when they saw their ill grandfather handcuffed.”

Comstock had not been charged with kidnapping the kids, just not returning them to her husband because they told her they didn’t want to go.

The late- night Friendswood Police Department raid happened hours after Dolcefino Consulting reported the Galveston County District Attorney had received a complaint about Officer Comstock and alleged credit card fraud.
Mindy Comstock’s parents have signed sworn affidavits claiming the HPD officer illegally charged $70,000 on their credit cards, including spending money on dating sites, without their knowledge.

Comstock had earlier complained to the Houston Police Departments Internal Affairs Department about the credit card issues and assorted pictures she found, but none of her complaints were sustained. Comstock hopes her case will make other women with law enforcement husbands come forward to complain.

“Even if you are the little guy, even if you are the woman married to the big police officer, you have to make your own justice,” says Comstock.
“I have asked the Friendswood Police now for body camera footage and dispatch records,” says Dolcefino, “I expect it turned over immediately.”