State District Judge Michael Landrum said no when Post Oak Poker Club tried to get him to close us down, denying a request Thursday for a temporary injunction.

Prime Social Attorney Steve Grossman argued Post Oak just wants to get rid of the competition.

“We believe that this was a competitor who was trying to use the court system to try to shut us down, so they wouldn’t have the competition from somebody who’s doing a very good job,” says Grossman.

The lawsuit by Post Oak Social had complained they are losing employees, kitchen staff, and more than 100 poker players to Prime Social, quickly becoming a private club hot spot on Westheimer for poker, sports and food. Post Oak even complained attractive women had come into their club and convinced poker players it was more fun at Prime Social.

Post Oak has a license to operating random gaming machines at their place and tried to convince the Judge Prime Social should be closed because they don’t have that license, even though we do have plenty of tables to play our favorite game. The city of Houston hasn’t told any of the dozens of poker clubs opened around town they even need a license.

“We appreciate the Judge’s ruling and we work hard every day to make Prime Social a great place to legally play poker, watch sports and enjoy a great new entertainment venue for Houstonians,” says Dean Maddox of Prime Social.