Texas parents will spend about $100,000 dollars to send their kids for a college education at Texas Tech in Lubbock.

A lot of that money goes to pay the folks who work there. Texas Tech is a state university, so the salary figures are public record.

You know who makes the most money at Tech? Not the Chancellor Robert Duncan, although his $513,000 base salary isn’t chump change.

The highest paid employee is Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury at $3.7 million dollars a year.

There are associate professors making more than $300,000 a year, and some professors making more than $400,000 a year. Wonder how many classes they teach?

That’s a lot of money!

Want to see where all this money is going at Texas Tech?

Using that $100,000 number, we asked for a list of all employees at Tech and the Texas Tech System who made $100,000 or more under the Texas Public Information Act. The list includes our friend Ronny Wall, the Associate General Counsel at Tech who has waged a fight to make records about the Coach Mike Leach firing some kind of state secret.

What’s he hiding?

We looked at Tech’s payroll because Mike Leach is still waiting for his paycheck. It’s been nearly a decade since the school fired him and cheated him out of $2.5 million dollars. With interest, it’s about $5 million now. Tech ignored a perfect chance to pay him back in July. Fans waited hours to get Leach to sign books at a Lubbock Barnes and Noble store.

We have posted the salary records on our website, dolcefino.com/texastech. There you can see all the numbers sorted by department, position and compensation.

You should see the names and numbers. It’s your money.