Woodlands attorney Mary Van Orman will be in court next week to argue for a new trial in the Sherry and Marek Menger divorce case.

Van Orman is now infamous in our Family Injustice investigation for her strange behavior in this unending legal dispute.

The divorce of Sherry and Marek Menger was over on February 27, 2018 when the final hearing took place in Judge Lisa Millard’s court.

Van Orman has maintained that she and her client deserve a new trial because she was on the phone during the whole hearing, drawn away from her duties by a commitment she made up at the last minute.

The original date for this hearing for a new trial was in June, but it keeps being pushed back by an attorney who wants to keep a profitable case alive.

Van Orman is the one causing the delay. She has requested the hearing be reset three times already.

Hopefully that won’t happen this time.

In a personal Facebook post by Judge Lisa Millard, she lays out exactly what we want to see in this family court system marred by controversy.

“Harris County deserves judges who are respected, experienced, fair, impartial, faithful to the constitution and dedicated to justice under the law,” Millard wrote.

We suggest that all judicial candidates keep that in mind during this election year.

Lisa Millard especially has the chance to stay true to her word.

She needs to deny the motion for a new trial and finally bring an end to this drawn out affair.