Houston family lawyers hired a private investigator to launch a criminal probe against Dolcefino Consulting.

A special prosecutor has now cleared Wayne Dolcefino, President of investigative media consulting company Dolcefino Consulting, of any wrongdoing. A letter from the special prosecutor identifies one of the lawyers who tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to retaliate against the widening work to expose injustice in Houston’s family courts.

In the letter from Special Prosecutor Stephen Aslett, pricey Houston divorce lawyer Bobby Newman is identified as the main lawyer who asked private investigator Rob Kimmons to try and dig up dirt on the company.

“I have a message for Mr. Newman and the group of ‘anonymous attorneys’ who paid for this failed hit job,” says Dolcefino. “What I have witnessed in our family courts is nothing short of disgusting. Innocent and unsuspecting people are getting dragged through years of family law hell as a direct result of your greed.”

The Family Injustice investigation has brought a number of clients to the firm, wanting help in exposing attorneys and judges who fail to disclose possible conflicts of interest in open court. Those conflicts of interest range from large donations to judicial campaigns to undisclosed personal relationships between the attorneys and the judge.

“I have been under surveillance for months because my investigative consulting firm has been hired by victims of this corrupt family court system to help expose injustice. Follow me all you want but that doesn’t change that that is what we do. People hire us to investigate injustice and if appropriate expose it to the public,” says Dolcefino.

Dolcefino Consulting has documented a multitude of horror stories from the Harris County Family Courts. The most recent is the case of Marcelle Guimaraes, who fled to Brazil with her son after the Harris County Family Courts failed to protect her from her abusive then-husband. Judge James Lombardino presided over that case. The Guimaraes case isn’t Lombardino’s first run in Dolcefino Consulting. Dolcefino Consulting revealed that Judge Lombardino failed to disclose that Newman was representing his son, David Lombardino, in a divorce – all while participating in 20+ other cases in Lombardino’s court. Judge Lombardino has now recused himself in several cases.

“We have been auditing legal bills for our clients to see if there are discrepancies, examining conflicts of interest, and are attending court hearings to send a clear message to judges – clean it up, or we will expose it. It is that simple,” says Dolcefino.

Kimmons, who runs a private investigative firm, wanted the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to charge Dolcefino with a crime for operating Dolcefino Consulting with an expired investigations company license.

“Let me educate Mr. Kimmons – who, by the way, has had me followed and my home under surveillance, yet somehow doesn’t have the guts to return my phone calls,” says Dolcefino. “Nothing about what we do is really a secret. We consult with people on media strategy. We fight battles for people who want their stories told. We blow the whistle. We are replacing the work that used to be done in newsrooms. Are we a private investigative media company? Yes, we are, and people have to hire us. However, they do not control what, if anything we report.”

Dolcefino had another message for Newman and the lawyers who so clearly take exception to transparency: “Try doing the right thing for your clients. Help them end their fights quickly, not extend them just to make more money. It’s the right thing to do.”