Mary Van Orman

Mary Van Orman

Who needs reality TV when you have attorney Mary Van Orman around the courthouse?

Unfortunately for the controversial hometown lawyer, her latest stall game is finally over.

The Woodlands attorney had been in court last week to argue for a new trial in the Sherry and Marek Menger divorce case. Judge Lisa Millard finally denied Van Orman’s motion for a new trial and brought an end to the case.

It’s been a long time coming.

Van Orman is now becoming infamous in our Family Injustice investigation for her strange behavior in this unending legal dispute.

It’s plain wrong these divorce cases are taking so long to end. The divorce of Sherry and Marek Menger was essentially over on February 27, 2018 when the final hearing took place in Judge Lisa Millard’s court.

The petition for divorce was granted almost a year ago on September 29, 2017.

Here comes Van Orman, maintaining her client deserved a new trial because she couldn’t be in court when the divorce was done, instead arguing by phone, claiming she had to be in another court.

Van Orman, the attorney for Marek Menger, then wasted more than six months of her client’s time and his money trying to revive the case.

The hearing for the final order was reset eight times, and five of those were by Van Orman herself.

We think Van Orman needs a better calendar.

Van Orman is obviously taking notice of our investigation. She issued a subpoena to Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino, hoping to prove we had been secretly hired by Sherry Menger to do stories on poor Mary.

“She shoots. She misses,” says Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino. “I have never met Sherry Menger in my life, but if Miss Van Orman really wants to talk to me she can stop pretending she’s on the phone talking to the invisible rabbit every time I try to interview her, and sit down for a long chat on camera about her troubling courtroom behavior and how she thinks acting like that helps her clients.”

Who needs reality TV when you have Mary Van Orman?