Houston attorney Alan Daughtry

Alan Daughtry

The war to silence public criticism of the corrupt Houston family court system has taken a new turn.

Houston lawyer Alan Daughtry filed a motion in one controversial divorce case, accusing Dolcefino Consulting of trying to improperly influence court decisions.

Daughtry even accused us of a crime – Texas Penal Code 36.04: Improper Influence.

“It is well known that Dolcefino advertises his consulting services in order to intimidate Judges in whose courts his client’s cases are pending”, says Daughtry.

Daughtry filed the motion in the Avery- Rodriguez case, a nasty divorce where the entire financial estate of the couple has literally disappeared in legal fees during the long fight.

“I confess. We interviewed both Karen Avery and Orlando Rodriguez for our investigation of Family Injustice,” said Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino

The interviews have been broadcast on our website www.dolcefino.com. and our increasingly popular Facebook Page Dolcefino Consulting. Last week our videos reached 125,000 people. (Advertisement)

Now let us remind our viewers why we have this bizarre idea that folks actually have a right to know what happens in public courtrooms. Lawyers and judges aren’t untouchable. They are not beyond reproach. They don’t get a free pass in the battle against public corruption. People have a right to expect everyone is working to end these horrible fights as quickly as possible. When judges and attorneys stall divorce cases for the purposes of padding their bank accounts and campaign coffers, the public has a right to know.

“These things are happening far too often. Mr. Rodriguez filed a criminal complaint against his wife’s lawyer Jared Woodfill, for misusing money. That criminal investigation is ongoing,” says Dolcefino, “Judge James Lombardino presided over the divorce case and never bothered to mention that Rodriguez’s lawyer Bobby Newman was also representing the Judge’s son in his own divorce. It is a small world after all and the people who vote for these judges and will hire these lawyers deserve to know about it.”

Never heard of Mr. Daughtry? He’s one of Bobby Newman’s buddies and handles a lot of appeals for Newman. Newman filed a criminal complaint against our company in recent months and last week Dolcefino Consulting was cleared of any wrong doing.

Stayed tuned folks – we have yet to talk about the latest malpractice case against Newman.

We also noticed amateurish folks following Dolcefino Consulting a few months ago, even watched cars doing surveillance on President Wayne Dolcefino, at his home.

“I hate to remind these folks, but I did surveillance on public officials for a long time, so I am not stupid,” says Dolcefino.

We also know Newman hired investigator (and friend of his daddy) Rob Kimmons to get the District Attorney to investigate us. A special prosecutor told us.

“If Mr. Daugherty is mad because people hire my investigative media consulting firm to fight for transparency, to expose lawyers who bankroll judges, to make sure conflicts of interests are disclosed, and to make sure lawyers don’t bleed their clients, then I plead guilty,” says Dolcefino, “Whine me a river!”