Oh Mary, where are you?

Mary Van Orman

Mary Van Orman

A Montgomery County Judge has now issued an arrest warrant for the arrest of Woodlands attorney Mary Van Orman.

If you are keeping up with the bizarre world of Ms. Van Orman you know Dolcefino Consulting has a running show about Van Orman and her growing list of legal
issues, including unprofessional conduct and rude behavior towards Conroe Attorney Katherine Bihm.

A Judge ordered Van Orman to do several things to rectify her childish bad behavior towards Bihm, with orders they be completed by September 27 th or Van
Orman could face fines and time behind bars. Well guess who didn’t do what she was supposed to? You guessed it, Van Orman completely ignored the Judge’s
request. Instead she sent some letter about a “family emergency” as why she couldn’t be in court as instructed. She’d done that kind of thing before.

So, Mary there is a new orange jumpsuit waiting for you.

You’d think an attorney would be the last person to defy a court order, but you haven’t met Mary Van Orman. The crime watch continues.