The federal sentencing date for the Brazilian grandparents caught up in that international custody drama has been delayed for two months.

Carlos and Jemima Guimaraes were set to hear their sentence Wednesday, October 3rd. The new date when Judge Alfred Bennett will decide their fate is December 12th. No explanation why, but the delay comes amidst growing complaints from Brazil about the case.

In recent weeks, new evidence has emerged publicly helping explain why their daughter Marcelle Guimaraes fled to Brazil from Houston in July 2013.

The jury that convicted the grandparents never heard some of the most horrific details of domestic violence and sex addiction leveled against her former husband, Houston doctor Chris Brann.

“I wish I could tell them that and that I’m really sorry and that I love them,” said Marcelle Guimaraes in an interview with Dolcefino Consulting. “Nico loves them a lot and he misses them. He asks about them every single day. He asks about them, and that, he cannot understand what’s going on.”

Guimaraes also says she fell victim to corruption in Houston family courts. Her husband’s attorney Bobby Newman was a large political contributor to the Judge in her case, James Lombardino. Guimaraes also now knows her own lawyer and Newman were friends.

“I think the U.S. Justice Department should release this family, and then issue an apology”, says Wayne Dolcefino, whose firm Dolcefino Consulting now serves as the U.S. spokesman for Marcelle Guimaraes. “They are guilty only of protecting their daughter and grandson. The jury should have been given the whole story. They weren’t because the U.S. government fought to keep the evidence a secret from the jury.”