An angry mob shouted expletives, ripped up signs, and threatened a handful of students holding a rally in support of Judge Cavanaugh on the University of Texas campus. Videos of the event have gone viral on the internet.

It is time for the University of Texas administration to take action to protect the right of all students to peacefully assemble. If they don’t, the legislature should.

“This is not Berkeley. This is Texas. The University of Texas Regents are appointed by the Governor. Texas taxpayers pay for a lot of this. The University administration should follow one rule. Professors can think and say what they want, but they must teach these kids that we can debate our differences without acting like a bunch of idiots, says Wayne Dolcefino, President of Dolcefino Consulting, a Houston based Investigative Communications Firm. “They call it the First Amendment for a Reason.”

Dolcefino’s son, Anthony, is Vice Chairman of the Young Conservatives Campus Organization, one of the students threatened by Tuesday’s mob.

“Like millions of other Americans, I watched the UT Police stand there while my son and others were threatened, simply for calmly speaking their mind and trying to inspire debate. That is what college campuses are for. Mob Rule is not,” says Dolcefino. “These are Universities owned by the People of Texas. We need to start running them like that.”

Dolcefino called on Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick to speak out on the growing suppression on the Austin campus.

“Just last week I expressed concern that UT is allowing the dangerous Autonomous Student Network to meet on the campus of a State University. Organizations that threaten our kids, liberal or conservative, must be banned from public property,” says Dolcefino.